City Seeking Applications for 2022-2023 Community Outdoor Rink Program 2022-09-12

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The City of Moncton is currently accepting applications from neighbourhood groups who wish to be considered for the Community Outdoor Rink Program. The rinks are maintained by volunteers in the community, weather-permitting, with assistance from the City and the location must be chosen from one of the following parks equipped with a water source:

  • Lewisville Park – 45 Glenmoor Drive
  • Braemar Park – 45 Centre Street
  • Brentwood Park – 150 Brentwood Drive
  • Prince Edward Park – 25 Burlington Avenue
  • Grove Hamlet Park – 39 Ripplewood Road
  • Canadian Heights Park – 35 Chelsea Road
  • Candlewood Park – 90 Candlewood Drive
  • Codiac Heights Park – 100 Olympic Crescent
  • Fairview Knoll Park – 111 Fairview Knoll Drive 
  • Knox Park – 75 Knox Drive
  • Maplehurst Park – 115 Maplehurst Drive
  • Pauline Frizzel Park – 387 Salisbury Road
  • Roxborough Park – 140 Barrington Crescent
  • Hamilton Heights Park – 120 Evergreen Drive
  • Westbrook Park – 16 Community Avenue
  • Creek Village Park – 40 Pleasant Street
  • Jonathan Park – 39 Salengro Crescent

The following guidelines should be reviewed before applying to the program: 

  • City will supply and install the rink boards, provide water access via the heated water box at the park and supply a water hose.  
  • The City will provide $250 for groups to use towards the program to assist with the maintenance and programming of the Community Outdoor Rink Program. 
  • Rink size is 12.2 m by 18.3 m (40 feet by 60 feet).
  • The rink does not include a liner.
  • City staff will inspect the rinks monthly to ensure safety and proper use; rinks that are not maintained are not eligible for a rink the following year. 
  • A minimum of four volunteers are needed who are committed to maintain the rink.
  • Volunteers are responsible for all labour and maintenance associated with the rink.

Neighbourhood groups are invited to submit their application by filling out the Community Outdoor Rink Program application form at The deadline for applications is October 10.


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