Moncton's Poets Flyé-es

Guidelines for the Poet Laureate Program 2022-2024. 

Drew Lavigne and Paul Bossé

Ambassadors of the Arts

As ambassadors of the arts, Moncton’s Poets Flyé·es will promote literature and language, foster engagement in the literary sector, vitalize the arts community and enhance the City of Moncton’s cultural heritage.

Check out Moncton Poetry’s website for a little overview of the Poets project!

Program Description

The two-year term will start in September 2022 and end in August 2024 with the announcement of their successors.

The mandate of the Moncton’s Poets Flyé·es is to act as the City’s literary ambassadors, to promote the importance of writing and the art of the spoken word in both official languages, and to make Moncton’s voices known beyond the City’s boundaries.

As representatives of Moncton, the Poets Flyé·es will participate in events throughout the City to celebrate the history and richness of its social and cultural diversity. Through their artistic work, Moncton’s Poets Flyé·es are responsible for reflecting the interests, issues and various perspectives of Moncton’s communities and residents.

Roles & Responsibilities

Moncton’s Poets Flyé·es will encourage the community to participate in  activities, programs and events (traditional or innovative) to celebrate the power of words and their ability to inspire, influence and inform.

Every year, each Poets Flyé·es will:

  • Write and present three to five poems for the City of Moncton’s official events (to be determined in collaboration with the Cultural Development Officer);
  • Read their own poems or those of other poets at the opening of two Moncton City Council meetings;
  • Write and present two bilingual poems at the Frye Festival in collaboration with the other Poet Flyé·e (one at the opening and one at the closing ceremony);
  • Participate in many events during the Frye Festival (end of April) and cohost the Frye Jam with the other Poet Flyé·e (public reading and closing ceremony);
  • Create and present a community project in connection with poetry (the project starts in 2022 and culminates with two public events presented at the Frye Festival, one in April 2023 and the other in April 2024);
  • Communicate regularly with the City of Moncton’s Cultural Development staff and the Frye Festival team and submit a progress report at the end of their term;
  • Serve on the committee for the selection of the Poet Flyé·e who will succeed them.