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Outdoor fireplaces come with an obvious degree of risk and you are required to have a fire pit permit, pursuant to the fire protection by-law, in order to have any outdoor fire.




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While the Province of New Brunswick issues burning permits and advisories according to conditions in various areas of the province, cities in New Brunswick are responsible for the regulation and enforcement of controlled outside burning within their municipal boundaries. Permits can be purchased online below and are valid for five years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a fire permit allow?

A fire permit allows a residential homeowner or tenant to burn clean, dry, untreated firewood in a fire pit for personal enjoyment or warmth, essentially a campfire. The appliance must not be placed on a wood deck or other combustible platforms and an adult must be in attendance at all times. Only one fire pit is allowed per property and can be used year-round except when a burning ban is in place.

What are the regulated specifications of recreational fire pits?

Fire pits must be equipped with spark arrestors, with openings no larger than 12mm, including the chimney. They must not be located closer than 3 meters (approximately 9.85 feet) to anything combustible, for example a building or a hedge.


Examples of fire pits that are permitted and not permitted.

How do I obtain a fire permit? How much does it cost?

You can obtain a permit by filling out the online form on this page. The fire permits cost $10 and are valid for five years.

When can I use my fire pit?

Fire pits may be used between the hours of 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. Your appliance shall not be used when the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development, its successors, or designates has issued a ban on open burning in the Westmorland County region.

I’m moving, can I transfer my fire permit to my new home?

No, permits are not transferable between persons or property.

Do propane or natural gas appliances require a permit?

Propane and natural gas appliances such as barbeques do not require a permit and can be used during a burning ban.

What happens if I burn without a fire permit?

Any person who violates any provision of the fire protection by-law is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine. The minimum fine for an offence committed under this by-law is $240 and the maximum fine is $5,200. 

What happens after my permit is issued?

Upon receiving the electronic permit by email, you have it printed or saved and readily available for the duration of its validity in the event of an inspection. Your appliance is subject to inspection by the City of Moncton once the permit is issued.

How do I make a burning complaint or report?

Please fill out our online report an issue form or contact 506-853-3333.  

Do I need a permit for fireworks?

In accordance to Section 9(2) of the City’s by-law on fire protection, fireworks are not permitted within City limits unless written permission is granted by the City’s Fire Chief. Fireworks are defined in the Province of New Brunswick’s Fire Prevention Act and  include fire-crackers, cannon-crackers, fireballs, mines, roman candles, skyrockets, squibs, torpedoes, and any other explosives 

Permit Application

Please note: To validate your address, you must type your street name and select the name from the drop-down once it appears. Typing your street name without selecting it from the drop-down will not validate your address and will not allow you to proceed to payment for your permit.

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