Participate in City Council

Residents are encouraged to participate in their City Council by watching proceedings, making presentations and running for Council positions.


info.clerk [at] (info[at]moncton[dot]ca)

655 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1E8

While Moncton City Council works on behalf of residents, community members are encouraged to actively participate in local governance with the goal of making a better community for all.


Citizens wishing to address City Council or bring a concern forward can do so. They must first fill out a Council Presentation Form and will then be notified by the City Clerk’s office of the status of their Application and when they might present before Council.

Run for City Council

Any person who is a resident of Moncton can run for Moncton City Council. Moncton City Council has 11 elected seats – including the Mayor’s. Eight councillors represent four Wards – two from each Ward. There are also two councillor-at-large positions making a total of 10 elected councillors in the community.

Elections take place every four years. Individuals wanting to run for City Council must submit an application form to formally announce their candidacy.