Infrastructure Projects

Throughout the year, the City of Moncton invests in the maintenance of roads, sidewalks, water and sewage systems.

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2022 Projects

Capital Works Projects

Street Reconstruction

City of Moncton Street Reconstruction

Street reconstruction involves rebuilding the road base, curbs and asphalt surface and may include renewal of underground utilities (sewer and water).  Customers will be provided with temporary water servicing during the time that the water utility is under construction until it is chlorinated, tested and put into active service. Disturbed areas will be restored.

Street Resurfacing


Street resurfacing

In order to acquire the maximum life expectancy from a road structure, resurfacing is often used as an alternative to a full street reconstruction. The top layer of asphalt is removed and new asphalt is laid to create a restored pavement with proper surface drainage. During this process some other structures may be repaired or replaced such as catch basins, manhole covers and curb sections. Disturbed areas will be restored.

Street Microsurfacing

City of Moncton Microsurfacing

Microsurfacing is a pavement preservation technique which consists of applying a thin layer of asphalt on top of the existing asphalt. It is a cost effective way to extend the life of an existing road. Microsurfacing is most effective on a street that is showing its first signs of deterioration such as when the asphalt surface as begun to wear off, a process that is commonly referred to as raveling.

Microsurfacing is not intended for streets that have too many surface defects but rather to preserve a street that is still in fair to good condition.

Sidewalk Installation

City of Moncton Sidewalk Installation

Each year additional sidewalks are installed to improve pedestrian mobility by increasing connectivity between residential and business, educational and recreational areas.

Water Main Renewal & Extension

City of Moncton Water Main Renewal & Extension

Water main renewals and extensions require excavations in the road in order to access the mains and water services. Depending on the excavation depth and method, some surface structures may need replacement such as curb and sidewalk. Once the water mains, services and hydrants have been reestablished, chlorination and testing is completed before affected customers are removed from their temporary water servicing. Disturbed areas will be restored.

Sewer Line Renewal & Extension

City of Moncton Water Main Renewal & Extension

Sewer line renewals and extensions require excavations in the road in order to access the mains and sewer connections. Depending on the excavation depth and method, some surface structures may need replacement such as curb and sidewalk. As needed, water shutoff valves or services are relocated within the right of way during this construction activity. Disturbed areas will be restored.

Water Main Cleaning & Lining

City of Moncton Sewer Line Renewal/Extension

A less intrusive way to renew existing water mains is through a process called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). This renewal method requires pits to be excavated, usually at the valves, where augers can be used to clean the pipe. After the cleaning, a new pipe liner is installed along with a grout that is cured in the pipe, creating a new pipe inside the old one.  This approach greatly reduces the amount of excavation within the street and greatly reducing the negative impact on neighbouring businesses and reidences.

Intersection Upgrade

Main and King

Intersection upgrades can include various design enhancements such as adding lanes, changing alignments and installing traffic lights.

Partial and Full Depth Recycling

Road recycling

Partial and/or Full depth recycling or reclamation, is a process that rebuilds worn out asphalt pavements by recycling the existing roadway. Old asphalt and base materials are pulverized using a specialized machine called a reclaimer. On top of the pulverized material, water is added to reach the optimal moisture content for compaction and then a variety of materials, such as dry cement, lime, fly ash, or asphalt emulsion, are incorporated for stabilization.

A reclaimer is used again to mix all the materials. After shaping and grading, the new base is compacted to produce a strong, durable base for either an asphalt or concrete surface. Since this method recycles the materials on site, there is no need to haul in aggregate or haul out old material for disposal.

2022 Municipal Specifications

On February 22, 2022, Moncton City Council approved the new version of the Standard Municipal Specifications (SMS). The latest specifications can be accessed at the following links:

Current tenders for capital projects can be viewed online here. Further questions on municipal specifications should be directed to our Engineering Department at