Work for the Moncton Fire Department

The Moncton Fire Department is a City of Moncton department responsible for providing emergency services and fire prevention, amongst other services.



Human Resources 

506-877-7707 [at] (info[dot]hr[at]moncton[dot]ca)

655 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1E8 

The City of Moncton frequently receives questions about the hiring process and vacancies within the Moncton Fire Department. Applications are accepted only when vacancies exist, and the hiring process is extremely competitive.


The recruitment process for the Moncton Fire Department differs from the generic application process for City of Moncton positions. As part of their application, individuals must submit:

  • Resume and cover letter

  • Any post-secondary education diplomas and certificates

  • Province of New Brunswick Language Certificates for BOTH English and French. The certificates must have been granted within the last one (1) year.

  • Current certification of NFPA 1001 Level 1 and Level 2 Firefighter from an IFSAC or Pro Board approved agency recognized and approved by the Province of New Brunswick

  • Valid certification as a Medical First Responder as a minimum requirement. Valid certification as an Emergency Medical Responder or Paramedic in the province of New Brunswick, or equivalency, is also accepted. Please note: Nova Scotia EHS, MFR tags are not accepted.

  • Current Certification in Hazardous Materials Response (Awareness and Operations Level) – NFPA Standard 472/1072 from an IFSAC or Pro Board approved agency recognized and approved by the Province of New Brunswick.

  • Other relevant firefighter certification and training.

  • Valid New Brunswick Driver’s License Class 3E with Air Brake endorsement or equivalency. Ensure a legible copy is attached.

  • The Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) plus a Vo2 MAX according to the York University Fitness Firefighter Assessment Protocol (minimum 45 ml-kg. min) or the York University Firefighter Assessment. Information on these fitness tests is made available in the recruitment package when postings become available.

  • A current driver’s abstract from the Province issuing you your driver’s license, issued within the past 30 days. An additional driver’s abstract may be required prior to hiring.

  • A current Criminal Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check from your local Police Department issued within the past 30 days

  • Vision exam – as defined in current NFPA Standard 1582 (excerpt attached) – successful completion within the last six (6) months (see attached form).

  • Hearing exam – as defined in current NFPA Standard 1582 (excerpt attached) – successful completion within the last six (6) months (see attached form)

  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a swimming proficiency test in order to be certified as Water Rescue Technicians. This includes 200 meters of continued swimming in a pool, five minutes of treading water, and an entrapment drill, which consists of removing a life jacket underwater while being directed by by an instructor.

Application Phases

Similar to other positions within the City of Moncton, the hiring process for the Moncton Fire Department is conducted in phases. If you are selected to move forward, you will be contacted by email. Given the number of applications received, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.




How do I obtain a verbal language assessment?

Applicants who require verbal language assessments can contact the Province of New Brunswick Linguistic Services to set up an appointment. Testing must occur in advance of the application deadline and the results must be included with the application package. Any costs associated with obtaining these tests shall be borne solely by the applicant. Individuals who have been tested within the last one (1) year with the Province of New Brunswick can submit those results. (Please provide English and French certificates)

Are firefighter positions unionized?

Yes, probationary firefighter positions are unionized. The contracts of employment are pursuant to the most recent Collective Agreement between the City of Moncton and the Moncton Firefighters Association (International Association of Firefighters Local 999). The collective agreement is available online here

What is the salary of a firefighter?

As a unionized position, firefighters receive a salary pursuant to the Collective Agreement. The City of Moncton also discloses the wages and salaries of all municipal positions. The full list can be viewed online here. 


When does the City recruit firefighters?

The City recruits firefighters on an as-needed basis.

How do I submit an application?

All applications must be submitted online through our online recruitment system at when postings are available.

Can I submit my eligibility, qualifications, and information if there are no positions currently posted?

No, applications can only be submitted when openings exist, and the recruitment process is underway.

How long does the selection process for these positions take?

Typically, it takes approximately six months from the time applications close until a ‘consideration for hire’ pool is established.

How many firefighter positions are available during the recruitment process?

The number of available positions varies. The number of candidates recruited depends on the operational needs of the Department and the number of vacancies that exist.

Does the City of Moncton have volunteer firefighters?

No, the City of Moncton does not have volunteer firefighters as part of their service.