Moncton Alerts

Moncton Alerts is the City of Moncton’s emergency management and alerting system. Residents are encouraged to sign-up online to ensure they have the latest information related to emergency situations.

Moncton Alerts


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How is the alerting system used?

Moncton Alerts features different functionalities to ensure subscribers have the latest information for municipal emergencies. 

  • Dashboard- anyone can visit to see active road closures, emergency warnings, and more. No account is required to view this information.
  • Alerts- when required, emergency alerts are issued to email and phone. These alerts are on an opt-in basis, meaning in order to receive the alerts to your device(s), you need to register and opt-in for alerts. There are two types of alerts: road closures and emergencies.

What type of alerts are issued with this tool?

Moncton Alerts is used for municipal emergencies and important information. In other words, this does not replace the Alert Ready system that is used by other levels of government, such as the Province of New Brunswick or the RCMP. Our alerting system is subscription-based and is used for the following topics, among others:

  • Major fires and/or evacuations;
  • Watermain breaks resulting in boil-water advisories;
  • Major emergencies (generally those that activate the Municipal Emergency Command Centre (ECC));
  • Weather warnings issued by Environment Canada;
  • Road Closures;
  • Localized flooding;
  • And more!

How do I sign up?

While the dashboard is accessible to anyone, residents must register to opt-into alerts. Here are the steps to opt-in:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the “Sign-Up/Register for Notifications” red button
  3. In the “Register” tab, input your information. Note: the residential address is intended to be the address you would like to receive alerts for (ie: if you are signing up since you work in the City but live elsewhere, input that address)
  4. Click “register” and verify the email and/or phone number to confirm your account. This only confirms your mobile number. Please check your email to complete your full account registration.
  5. Once registered, where the “register/sign-up” tab once was, you will see “Manage Subscription”. Visit this tab to ensure you have opted-in for the type(s) of alerts you would like to receive, as well as the channels in which you will receive them on.


When are alerts issued?

Alerts are issued on an as-required basis. In the event that a situation has a public safety risk, alerts can be issued. This would include, for instance, evacuations, localized flooding, watermain breaks that require boil-water advisories, etc.

Can I use any phone number, or only mobile phones?

Yes. If you use a mobile phone, it will be sent to your phone as a text. If you use a home phone, it will be sent as a voice message. It is recommended to use a mobile phone as voice messages will only be issued following major emergencies.

Who issues the alerts?

The alerts are issued by the City’s Municipal Emergency Command Centre, through the City’s Director of Community Safety/Fire Chief. Alerts added to the dashboard that are not issued as alerts (ie: road closures, etc.) are issued by the City’s Communications Department or the department responsible for the work (e.g.: Public Works), in conjunction with the Director of Community Safety/Fire Chief.

I don’t live in Moncton. Do I register?

Yes! If you have a vested interest in the emergency alerts in Moncton, we would encourage you to register. This could include if you have family in Moncton that you would like to ensure are aware of emergency awards, or, if you work in the City but live elsewhere. The Moncton Alerts dashboard is also accessible to everyone, without the need to subscribe.

What does “Reception Centres” on the emergency dashboard mean?

Reception centres on the dashboard are different centres that are activated in the event of an emergency. Residents would find details in this section, including instructions, should they be activated. This could include warming centres during mass power outages over long durations, for instance.

What type of weather alerts are issued?

Weather alerts are issued based on weather warnings from Environment Canada. These alerts are sent automatically. Environment Canada issued alerts depending on the severity and timing of a predicted event in order to highlight significant weather or express uncertainty.

Can I decide what type of alerts I receive?

Yes, subscribers choose which type of alerts they receive. When you log in, you select which notifications you receive under the subscription tab. Subscribers can opt-in via email and/or SMS for weather warnings and emergency warnings. Emergency warnings is all-encompassing and would consist of any alert other than weather warnings issued.

What is the difference between Moncton Alerts and the alerts that I have received in the past on my phone?

The alerts that are broadcasted on phones, televisions, radios, etc. are issued through the Alert Ready system. Our program, Moncton Alerts, is an independent emergency management system that is subscription-based and used for municipal emergencies. The Alert Ready program is often used by the Government of New Brunswick and the RCMP. In the event that Alert Ready messages are sent, they will often be broadcasted again through Moncton Alerts, but are not issued by the City.

Can I receive alerts for more than one address (ie: my work and my home)?

Each account that is associated to an email can only have one address associated to it, meaning you can not opt-in for multiple addresses. However, you can create additional accounts with different emails should you wish to receive alerts for multiple addresses.    

I already signed up for Moncton Alerts a few years ago. Is this the same thing?

If you signed up using the old software, you will need to re-subscribe. This new Moncton Alerts Software replaced the old version which will no longer be operational.

Will the alerts be broadcasted on my phone, even if it is on silent?

No, this is not the Alert Ready system. These alerts will be issued as text messages for those that opt-in via their mobile number, or, to an email for those who subscribe via email.

My family member got an alert message, but I didn’t. Why not?

There are several reasons that someone you know may have received an alert, but you did not. First, you must be opted-into alerts to ensure they go to either your phone via text and/or to your email. Secondly, alerts can be geo-targeted, meaning they are only issued to those that are impacted. For a City-wide emergency, for instance, everyone would receive an alert. For a specific neighborhood emergency, the alert(s) would be targeted to the specific area. Alerts are sent and geo-targeted based on the address associated to the profile.