Facility and Private Event Bookings

The City of Moncton and its partners offer indoor facility rentals for public events and outdoor venue bookings for private events.

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The City of Moncton’s outdoor event zones can be booked for private events. 

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance to allow for processing. Please note that event zones are available on a first come, first served basis. Event zone reservations allow the City of Moncton to confirm no conflicting bookings; however, these areas must remain open and accessible to all users. Public access cannot be restricted during your event. 

Note: Events that are not free, open, and/or accessible to the public are not eligible to receive access to electricity or equipment from the City of Moncton.

Community Events

For non-profit community events destined for the public and held in a municipal event zone, please visit the Event Application Form.

Other events

Flag Raisings

For flag raisings, please visit Request to Fly a Flag at City Hall.

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The Province of New Brunswick requires anyone planning to serve food to the public as part of an event to obtain a Food Premises Licence.

This licence allows organizers to prepare commercially pre-cooked foods only, unless catered from a licensed premise. 

Temporary food premises offering the following do not require a food premises licence: 

  • commercially-bottled non-alcoholic beverages only
  • non-potentially hazardous, commercially-packaged and prepared foods requiring no temperature control, preparation. or handling (i.e. chips, chocolate bars)

New Brunswick Guidelines for Food Premises at Temporary Events



All vendors must have all the necessary provincial permits to operate during an event. 

Additionally, food vendors that produce grease-laden vapor must have a valid NFPA96 Suppression Hood Inspection. Please note these inspections expire every six months.

Tents and/or inflatables


No staking is permitted on hard surfaces like pavement or sidewalks, or within four feet of an underground utility.

Locates for underground utilities must be acquired when securing tents/inflatables with pegs or stakes longer than six inches. This requirement can be bypassed by securing objects with weights.

The following entities must be contacted to obtain underground utility locates:

  • City of Moncton Utilities  locates [at] moncton.ca (locates[at]moncton[dot]ca) 
  • Info Excavation – will advise which underground utilities are in the area and will alert the necessary stakeholders
  • NB Power – customerservices [at] nbpower.com (customerservices[at]nbpower[dot]com) 

Note that locates are valid for 21 days only.

Once acquired, locates must be sent to the Events Department (events [at] moncton.ca), along with the event site plan for approval.

Additionally, tents exceeding 200 square feet require a tent permit from the City of Moncton. Please complete the Building Permit Information Requirements for Public Tent Structures Application Form. Tent permit applications must be received a minimum of five business days prior to the event. Questions can be sent to info.inspection [at] moncton.ca



Events that plan to serve alcohol must obtain the necessary liquor licences from the Province of New Brunswick. 

As part of this process, event organizers must request a letter of support from the City of Moncton to have a licensed area on municipal property. The proposal must also be reviewed and approved by the City of Moncton’s fire marshal. 

Please allow a minimum of six weeks for this permit process.

Event safety

Depending on the nature of the event, organizers may be required to hire, at their own expense, professional traffic management, security, RCMP support, and/or first aid services. 

The City of Moncton Events Department will determine the required security elements to ensure a safe and successful event for all.

Event site plan

The City of Moncton Events Department can help event organizers to develop a suitable site plan that meets the needs of event organizers and of all interested and affected parties.

Please upload your site plan.

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