Codiac Transpo moves forward with project to install CCTV cameras on all transit buses 2023-01-26

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Codiac Transpo will be installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras on all buses over the coming year. The first two buses equipped with cameras will be rolled out this week, with the rest of the fleet to follow. The installation is expected to be complete by year end.

The goal of the project is to enhance safety and security for transit users and employees, as well as to protect property. The cameras will also improve Codiac Transpo’s ability to investigate customer complaints as well as collisions.

“We want our bus operators and our customers to feel safe when they are on our buses,” says Director, Public Transit Angela Allain. “CCTV cameras help act as a deterrent to incidents, assist in crime prevention, and, when an incident does occur, provide important information to assist investigations.” 

The $200,000 project is being funded through the Small Communities Fund, a component of the federal New Building Canada Fund, which provides funding for smaller communities to build projects that deliver on local needs. Projects are cost-shared equally between federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

“CCTV cameras are an increasingly common tool used by public transit to assure the security of customers and employees and we are pleased to see this project go forward,” says Bryan Butler, Deputy Mayor of the City of Moncton and chair of the Public Transit Governance Commission, which includes representatives from Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe. “We appreciate the support we received through the Small Communities Fund. It would be difficult to implement larger-scale improvements in a transit system of our size without that type of assistance.” 

All buses equipped with CCTV cameras will have signage installed both inside and outside the bus to inform riders that the cameras are in operation. The cameras collect both audio and video recordings. Each bus will be equipped with seven cameras, including at entrance and exit doors and outside the bus. All will be publicly visible.

Codiac Transpo will only access the collected video if there is an incident that requires investigation. The cameras will not be monitored in real-time and video will be kept only for a set period of time. The video is being collected in accordance with the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any questions about privacy can be directed to the city clerk at or 506-853-3550. 


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