Working for the City of Moncton

Moncton is a vibrant and culturally rich community, situated along the Petitcodiac River. It is the first officially bilingual city in Canada and is one of the nation’s fastest growing communities, offering reasonable housing prices and an excellent quality of life.



Human Resources 

506-877-7707 [at] (info[dot]hr[at]moncton[dot]ca)

655 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1E8 

The city is known as the economic, sports, tourism and entertainment hub of Atlantic Canada. It attracts a wide range of athletic and artistic events throughout the year, and boasts numerous recreational facilities, cultural venues, community centres, and beautiful parks and trails. As New Brunswick’s largest retail destination, Moncton also offers a diverse and extensive selection of both independent shops and big box stores. We have everything to meet your needs!


City of Moncton employees strive to maintain the city’s reputation as one of the best places in Canada to live, study, work and play. Moncton is a city that inspires… how will you make your mark?


As a public sector employer, the work of municipal employees directly affects our region, community, and the services residents rely on. City of Moncton employees are guided by the following core organizational values:

  • Sustainability

  • Inclusivity

  • Innovation

  • Accountability

  • Excellence

  • Bilingualism

With over 750 employees, the City of Moncton is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the growing diversity and culturally rich community that it serves.

Employment Groups

The City of Moncton is committed to building and maintaining constructive relationships with all of its employees. There are four union groups representing employees, as well as non-unionized employees:

  • Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1290 represents approximately 100 employees, including transit operators and service personnel employed at Codiac Transpo. 

  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 51 represents approximately 200 employees, including outside workers, truck drivers, labourers, mechanics, recreation operations staff, and rink attendants. 

  • City Hall Employees Association (CHEA)/ Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) 60200 represents approximately 230 employees, including all unionized office and technical staff, as well as supervisors of the operational divisions.  

  • International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 999 represents approximately 110 unionized firefighters. 

  • Non-Bargaining Employees represents 30 employees who are non-unionized.

Salary and Benefits

The City of Moncton offers competitive salary and wage packages, as well as an attractive benefits package. Job postings will identify the group benefit package, where applicable, which typically includes medical, dental, group life, and disability insurance.


We also offer a pension plan to eligible employees, depending on the years of pensionable service, which are cost-shared between the employee and the municipality.


Vacation entitlements are based on an employee’s length of service, employment status, and collective agreement (union contract), if applicable.


The collective agreements of each union group and the City’s salary and wage chart can be found online:


Health and Well-Being

The City of Moncton prioritizes the health and well-being of its employees. Several programs and offerings are available to all employees, including an Employee Family Assistance Program that offers confidential, short-term counselling, as well as regular workshops and seminars on occupational health, safety, and well-being.

Departments and Positions

The City of Moncton employs more than 750 people with very diverse skills and experience. Explore our departments below and the many varied roles within them.

Codiac Transpo

Codiac Transpo provides more than 2.3 million rides each year to transit users from Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview. It is committed to providing a safe, reliable, and professional transit service for everyone in our tri-community.

Our team 

  • Bus Operator
  • Mechanic
  • Chief Mechanic
  • Service Person
  • Supervisor, Fleet and Infrastructure
  • Manager, Operations
  • Director, Public Transit
  • Customer Service Telephone Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Materials Coordinator
  • Operations Supervisor


Communications co-ordinates internal and external communications for the City of Moncton. Duties include strategic communications, public information, media relations, speaking notes, design and production of printed materials, managing and promoting the City’s website, co-ordinating social media activities, advertising, graphic design, bilingual and translation services.

Our team

  • Manager, Communications and Bilingual Services
  • Manager, Customer Service
  • Manager, Strategic Communications
  • Director, Communications
  • Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Translator

Community Safety

Community Safety is responsible for by-law enforcement and licensing services as well as oversight of parking services and community policing.

Our team 

  • By-Law Enforcement Coordinator
  • By-Law Enforcement Officer
  • Team Lead – By-Law Officer
  • Manager, Community Safety

Culture and Heritage

Oversees heritage and culture programs, Resurgo Place, Thomas Williams House, and Treitz Haus.

Our team

  • Director, Culture and Heritage – Resurgo Place
  • Retail and Facility Rental Coordinator
  • Visitor Services Coordinator
  • Collections and Research Library Coordinator
  • Cultural Development Officer
  • Heritage and Culture Coordinator
  • Heritage Development Officer

Economic Development

Responsible for the planning, organization, coordination, and execution of City of Moncton initiatives in its efforts to identify economic development opportunities for the municipality.

Our team

  • Immigration Strategy Officer
  • Community Economic Development Officer
  • Economic Development Officer
  • Director, Economic Development
  • Marketing and Administrative Coordinator


Engineering is responsible for environmental management services, traffic and transportation engineering, capital works construction activities, asset management, development approvals, and right of way access management.

Our team

  • Director, Engineering
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Landscape Projects Coordinator
  • Supervisor, Capital Construction
  • Field Chief
  • Project Engineer
  • Transportation and Parking Engineer
  • Wastewater Engineer

Environmental Planning and Management

Our team

  • Director, Environmental Planning and Management
  • Climate Action Coordinator
  • Environmental Technologist
  • Natural Resources Program Coordinator
  • Caretaker

Events and Tourism

Creates, hosts, supports, and promotes a wide variety of events and festivals in various indoor and outdoor venues.

Our team

  • Director, Tourism and Events
  • Manager, Venues
  • Coordinator, Community Event Development
  • Coordinator, Event Attraction
  • Coordinator, Major Event Development
  • Coordinator, Sales and Events


Responsible for planning, design, and construction in City facilities, as well as day-to-day operations and maintenance. 

Our team

  • Janitor
  • Director, Facilities
  • Asset Management Administrator
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Facilities Supervisor
  • Electrician
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Plumber
  • Service Foreman
  • Electrician
  • Carpenter


Finance acts as the financial advisor for Moncton City Council, the City Manager, and City departments. They coordinate the annual budget process for all civic funds, pay all civic bills, and collect monies owed to the City.

Our team

  • Budgeting Specialist and Fleet Manager
  • Financial Planning and Reporting Specialist
  • Controller/Deputy Treasurer
  • Deputy Treasurer — Corporate and Management Accounting
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Clerk — Payables
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounts Payable Clerk — PCard
  • Executive Assistant
  • Senior Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Senior Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Manager, Billing and Collections
  • Materials Coordinator
  • Warehouseman
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Billing Analyst
  • Collections Analyst
  • Assistant Revenue Supervisor
  • Procurement Assistant
  • Procurement Officer
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Operations and Financial Costing Specialist
  • Fleet Supervisor
  • Business Operations Administrator
  • Mechanic
  • Service Foreman
  • Welder/Metal Fabrication/Machinist

Fire Department

The Moncton Fire Department provides emergency services and fire prevention, amongst other services. Five fire stations serve and protect residents of Moncton.

Our team

  • Platoon Chief
  • Deputy Chief, Operations
  • Deputy Chief, Fire Prevention / Manager, Community Safety
  • Fire Chief  / Director, Community Safety
  • Executive Assistant
  • Probationary Firefighter
  • 4th Class Firefighter
  • 3rd Class Firefighter
  • 2nd Class Firefighter
  • 1st Class Firefighter
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Fire Prevention Officer
  • Fire Training Officer
  • Division Chief 

Human Resources

Provides expertise and leadership to employees, managers, and supervisors in the areas of:

  • Employment and recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Labour relations
  • Employee relations
  • Employee development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Health, safety, and wellness

Our team

  • Human Resources and Benefits Coordinator
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Labour Relations Specialist
  • Manager, Payroll and HRIS
  • Manager, Talent Development
  • Manager, Labour Relations and Disability
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Executive Assistant
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Learning and Development Coordinator

Information Systems

Information Systems maintains secure information systems, oversees City technology and communications infrastructure, and uses GIS to maintain regional topographic mapping, aerial photography, and City street addressing.

Our team

  • Business Integration Manager
  • Technology Integration Manager
  • Director, Information Systems
  • Executive Assistant
  • GIS Technologist
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Web Strategist and Developer
  • Business Solutions Team Lead
  • Coordinator, Projects and Compliance
  • Team Lead-GeoInformatics
  • Team Lead-Technology and Infrastructure
  • Technical Architect


Provides legal services, advice, and opinions to City Council, departments, and staff and in other matters such as negotiations, acquisitions, risk management, and insurance matters. 

Our team

  • Solicitor
  • Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Compliance and Risk Management Analyst

Legislative Support

Legislative Support manages all formal meetings of the City Council, acts as Council’s secretariat, and is responsible for the City’s official records. It also coordinates the City’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act program.

Our team

  • Deputy City Clerk
  • Director, Legislative Support/City Clerk
  • Council Recorder
  • Council Recorder/Assistant City Clerk
  • Executive Assistant
  • Records and Information Management Coordinator

Magnetic Hill Zoo

The Magnetic Hill Zoo houses nearly 600 animals in a 40-acre park. It is Atlantic Canada's leading zoo in education and conservation action.

Our team

  • Director, Magnetic Hill Zoo and Magnetic Hill Park
  • Guest, Retail, and Administrative Services Coordinator
  • Visitor and Education Program Coordinator
  • Zoo Coordinator
  • Veterinary Technician (Utility 6)
  • Service Foreman
  • Utility 2, 3, and 6


Parks leads the maintenance of parks, playgrounds, sports fields, green spaces, arenas and all municipal installations. The main areas of service are carpentry, electrical, plumbing, small engine repair, welding, horticulture, arboriculture, turf maintenance, and playground safety.

Our team

  • Director, Parks
  • Technical Assistant
  • Utility 1, 2, 3, and 6
  • Playground Inspector (Utility 3)
  • Caretaker
  • Service Foreman
  • Labourer
  • Mechanic
  • Working Foreman

Planning and Development

Leads and guides all matters related to land use, including developing land use plans, policies, and by-laws, and managing the approval process for development applications. It also includes Building Inspection, which ensures compliance with property and zoning by-laws related to the design construction, and alteration of buildings and structures.

Our team

  • Manager, Subdivision Approval
  • Senior Planner-Heritage Conservation
  • Senior Planner-Long Range Policy Planning
  • Manager, Development Planning
  • Manager, Long Range Policy Planning
  • Director, Planning and Development
  • Building Advisor and Development Officer
  • Senior Building Advisor and Development Officer 
  • Urban Planner
  • Development Control Supervisor
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Building Inspector
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Senior Building Inspector

Public Works

Oversees road maintenance and repair, sidewalk/curb repair, snow and ice control, street and downtown sidewalk sweeping, storm water management, street lighting, and traffic control.

Our team

  • Process Improvement Analyst
  • Director, Public Works
  • Technical Assistant
  • General Foreman
  • Supervisor, Public Works
  • Traffic Signal Supervisor
  • Mechanic
  • Labourer 1 and 2
  • Utility 2 and 3
  • Operator 1 and 2
  • Operator 1/Sign Shop Assistant
  • Truck Driver
  • Sign Shop Assistant, and Cert 1, Cert 2, and Cert 3
  • Working Foreman
  • Service Foreman

RCMP Support

Policing services in the City of Moncton are provided by the Codiac Regional RCMP. A number of civilian positions support the work of the local force.

Our team

  • Operations Case Manager
  • Information Processor
  • Junior Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Services Supervisor
  • Community Program Officer
  • Community Intervention Officer
  • Training/NARMS Coordinator
  • Court and Administration Officer
  • Crime and Business Analyst
  • Assistant Manager of OCC/PSAP
  • Manager, Police Communications
  • Manager, Courts and Records
  • Manager, Crime Analysis and Offender Management
  • Manager, OCC/PSAP
  • Director, Strategic Planning and Policing Support Services
  • Court Administrative Clerk
  • Fleet/Exhibit Custodian
  • Operational Assistant-Crime Reduction
  • Operational Support Assistant
  • Records Validation and Court Operations Administrator
  • Telecommunications Operator
  • Team Leader - Operational Communication Centre
  • Victim Services Coordinator


Coordinates activities in municipal parks and playgrounds, trails, and green spaces and works with community and neighbourhood groups to promote wellness and active living.

Our team

  • Director, Recreation
  • Executive Assistant
  • Community Development Officer

Strategic Initiatives

Provides proactive research into issues aimed at improving the effectiveness and overall efficiency of the municipality.

Our team 

  • Corporate Analyst
  • Director, Strategic Initiatives

Water and Wastewater

Our team

  • Director, Water and Wastewater
  • Business Operations Administrator
  • Foreman — Water and Wastewater
  • Superintendent — Water and Wastewater
  • Utility Foreman
  • Labourer
  • Water Meter Maintenance Coordinator
  • Pumping Station Operator
  • Technical Assistant — Water Meters
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Pumping Station Coordinator
  • Supervisor, Water and Wastewater
  • Wastewater Engineer
  • Water and Wastewater — Operator 1 and 2
  • Electrician
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Pipelayer
  • Water Meter Maintainer

Student employment

The City of Moncton provides numerous opportunities for students to gain work experience, and contribute to their community, through paid student jobs and unpaid work placements (co-ops).

Find out more about student jobs