Environment Week

The City of Moncton is celebrating Environment Week from June 4 – 10 with an Enviro Bingo Competition. Complete the Enviro Bingo Card below over the course of the week for a chance to win a prize! 

Detention Basin

Enviro Bingo

Celebrate Environment Week by trying out some actions on the City of Moncton Enviro Bingo card. Note the actions you take and once you get 'bingo', send your completed card to enviro@moncton.ca by June 10 for a chance to win an eco-prize worth $150! Share pictures on social media when you complete the actions by using #EnviroMoncton.

Need ideas for actions to complete a square? Check out the Enviro Bingo Guide below. 

Enviro Bingo Guide

Try Meatless Monday

Bike or Walk to Work

  1. Check out Moncton's active transportation routes map
  2. Share the road safely and respect Ellen's Law, the one-meter rule, to protect cyclists while driving. 
  3. Register for Canada's Commuter Challenge from June 4 - 10. 

Conserve Water

  1. Try these water conservation tips:
    • Do not leave water hoses running unnecessarily.
    • Never leave the tap running when washing vegetables or dishes, shaving or brushing teeth.
    • Repair leaks immediately, as a small drip quickly amounts to litres of water. Your water meter can help detect a leak.

Consume Conciously

  1. Buy from local businesses.
  2. Shop secondhand.
  3. Mend or repair before re-buying.
  4. Learn more about your favorite brands.

Eat Local Food

  1. Choose seasonal food sourced within 100 miles / 161 km.
  2. Buy from local farms.
  3. Visit the Moncton Market.

Take Public Transit

  1. Codiac Transpo is offering free service from June 7 -10. 

Prioritize Proper Waste Disposal

  1. Review Eco360’s sorting guide.
  2. Schedule a bulk waste pick-up.
  3. Keep glass out of the landfill with Eco360’s Glass Recycling Program.
  4. Safely dispose of Household Hazardous Waste.
  5. Use Eco360’s Mobile Eco-Depot service.
  6. Learn about more ways to recycle in New Brunswick.

Start a Garden

  1. Check out tips for beginner gardeners
  2. Build a rain garden
  3. Plant a pollinator garden. 
  4. Join a community garden. 

Reduce Plastic Waste

  1. Learn about Canada’s zero plastic waste vision

Plant a Tree

  1. Plant your own, sourced from a local nursery. 
  2. Register for the City's Tree Planting Program next spring. 

Be Idle-Free

  1. Learn about the air quality impacts of idling.
  2. Learn about Clean Air Day on Wednesday, June 7.

Visit a City Trail

  1. Check out Moncton’s trail maps.

Explore the Petitcodiac Watershed

  1. Learn about the Petitcodiac River and its tributaries,
  2. Look for Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper interpretive signs along the Riverfront Trail. 
  3. Explore the Petitcodiac Watershed and beyond using the Fundy Biosphere Reserve’s Amazing Places as your guide. 

Learn about Local Waste Management

  1. Learn about Eco360's waste sorting facility
  2. Book a guided tour of Eco360's operations and waste management
  3. Learn how TransAqua transforms wastewater into clean water. 
  4. Book a guided tour of TransAqua’s wastewater treatment and composting facilities.

Save Energy

  1. Try these energy saving tips.
  2. Access SaveEnergyNB and Canada Greener Homes Grant energy efficiency incentives.
  3. Learn about the Federal Government’s Canada Greener Homes Loan (min. $5,000 and max. $40,000), which offers 10 year, interest-free financing to complete more major retrofits recommended by an energy advisor to make your home more energy-efficient.

Measure your Ecological Footprint

Promote Biodiversity

  1. Identify animals, plants, and insects using iNaturalist.
  2. Add native plants to your yard.
  3. Install a bird feeder.
  4. Make a bug box.

Reduce Paper Use

  1. Sign up for paperless billing.
  2. Stop junk mail.
  3. Store information electronically.
  4. Think before you print.

Visit a City Park

  1. Learn about Moncton’s many parks here.
  2. Visit Centennial Park from 11 a.m. to 4p.m. on Saturday, June 10 for Moncton’s first annual EnviroFest!
  3. Try out 1/2 price fat bike rentals at Centennial Park. 

Learn about Electric Vehicles

  1. Visit Drive Electric Atlantic for FAQs and resources. 
  2. Access Federal iZEV and Plug-In NB EV incentives. 
  3. June 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Centennial Park P1 parking lot, by the big playground: attend an Electric Vehicle ‘Show and Tell’ with the New Brunswick Lung Association (enter from Centennial Park Road).