Every seat tells a story… tell yours today!

The Avenir Centre is a community gathering place and a cornerstone for growth and revitalization in Moncton.

By participating in this campaign, you are contributing to Moncton’s urban heart and leaving a lasting mark inside Greater Moncton’s world-class Avenir Centre.

With a tax-deductible donation of $275, you can name a seat at the new Centre and tell your story… whether that’s connecting your name to the Centre, honouring a family member or even cheering on your favourite community sports team. Wildcats season ticket holders get the added benefit of being able to name their own seat. Whatever name you give, it’s all about showing your support for this wonderful new facility and what it represents for Greater Moncton.

The seat will be chosen randomly (except for Wildcats season ticket holders), but we'll let you know where it is once it's installed. In the case of donations covering multiple seats, corresponding plaques will be installed on adjacent seats. The Avenir Centre is unable to guarantee seating in your named seat(s) for any event you might attend. 

The City of Moncton is a registered charitable organization, capable of receiving donations and issuing tax receipts. Your donation will go towards the "Our Urban Heart" campaign, the community fundraising portion of the Avenir Centre's funding model. 


To name a seat, click here:

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For Wildcats season ticket holders, click here:

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