Heritage Conservation Board

Moncton’s heritage properties reflect the city’s history, helping to tell the story of our past. Having withstood the test of time, these gracious, timeless properties offer solid construction and unique architectural detail. Currently, more than 120 properties are protected as individual landmarks.  

The City of Moncton is concerned with preserving its history and heritage. To that end, The City's Heritage By-Law ensures that designated heritage homes and buildings are restored to reflect their original historical character.

Owners who protect their heritage also protect their investment. Heritage homeowners who wish to restore or renovate the exterior of their building or property can apply for the City’s heritage grant program.

Heritage Conservation Board Meetings & Agendas


January 12 April 13 July 13 October 12
February 9 May 11 August 10 November 9
March 9 June 8 September 14 December 14



January 13 April 14 July 14 October 13
February 10 May 12 August 11 November 10
March 10 June 09 September 8

December 8



January 14 April 8 July 8 October 14
February 11 May 13 August 12  November TBD
March 11 June 10 September 9

December 9


January 8 April 9 no meeting July 9 no public meeting October 8
February 13 May 14 August 13 no public meeting November 12
March 12 June 11 September 10

December 10



January 10 April 11 July 11- no meeting October 10 - no public meeting
February 14 May 9 August 8 - no meeting November 14 - no public meeting
March 14 June 13 September 12 December 12 no public meeting



The Board will advise Moncton City Council on built heritage matters, research local heritage architecture and promote Moncton’s history through its built heritage. The HCB follows the Heritage Conservation By-law # Z-1116 on behalf of Moncton City Council as well as administering the Heritage Awards and Plaque Program and the Heritage Grants Program.

The City of Moncton Heritage Conservation Board members consist of:

Paulette Thériault

Joseph Tippett

Blane Hogue

Bradley Condon

Helen Macnab-Gunn

Daniel St-Louis

Emilie Savoie

Linda Maillet

Brian Branch

Françoise Grandmaison

Municipal Heritage Permit

Before making changes to the exterior of a building in a Heritage Conservation Area, property owners must receive a Municipal Heritage Permit.

Standards and Guidelines

The city adopted the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. These Standards and Guidelines provide sound, practical ways to achieve good conservation practice.

Heritage Conservation Grants

The Heritage Grant Policy is an incentive program designed to encourage property owners to meet the spirit and intent of the Heritage Conservation By-Law, as expressed in the Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Heritage Conservation Grants are intended to assist owners to retain traditional materials and details of character-defining elements and, if necessary, replace them with new components, matching the original materials and profiles.

Heritage Conservation Board’s three-year Strategic Plan

The main objective of the Heritage Conservation Board’s three-year Strategic Plan is to provide guidance and direction on strategic heritage conservation priorities and to align these priorities with operational activities and other City plans and strategies concerning built-heritage conservation in the City.

Heritage Preservation Board