Bilingualism in Business

Moncton is committed to encouraging, promoting and supporting the use of bilingual signage by local businesses.

To preserve and protect Moncton’s bilingual heritage, the City created an action plan to assist local businesses in their efforts to serve both French and English residents. A key component of the plan provides businesses with a free bilingual sign that lists hours of operation. Local businesses wanting one free bilingual sign must fill out a form to receive one.

Order Form – Bilingual signage

Bilingual signage can help you reach residents in both languages. To obtain free bilingual business hours and open/close signage, fill out the form below. This program is open to Moncton businesses, such as retail and restaurants that serve the general public. One free of each sign per business. 

Did you know? Over 50% of Moncton residents speak both English and French. (Statistics Canada)

Moncton's makeup - it's why bilingual signage is so important!


  • Program offered to businesses located in Moncton.
  • Limit 1 of each free sign per business.
  • Aimed at businesses open to the general public (i.e. restaurants and retail stores).

Full mailing address (including postal code)
Which sign would you like to order? (Check all that apply and, if applicable, indicate your business hours in the boxes below.)

Questions? Please contact us at 853-3593 or via email. The City of Moncton will review all requests and confirm delivery dates.

Thank you for enhancing Moncton's linguistic landscape and supporting a bilingual community!