Emerald Ash Borer

Moncton’s urban forest plays a key role in sustaining a healthy community as well as adding to the beauty and character of our landscape. Unfortunately, our urban forest is under threat from an insect called the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This tiny pest has been killing ash trees by the millions across North America since 2002.

City arborists have been monitoring the situation by placing traps in ash dense areas since 2013. City staff and property owners have a role to play to minimize the impact.

Management Plan

Detect - City staff continue to work with provincial, federal, and private sector representative to detect the insect’s arrival.

Treat - Some significant City trees may be identified for treatment. This is not a long term solution, however, and it is not available for all ash trees on City property due to the expensive nature of the treatment.  Homeowners may choose to treat their ash trees.

Remove - Removal of Ash Trees will be necessary to control the rate of spread of the insect and minimize the risk to public safety. Currently, three percent of Moncton’s urban forest consists of ash trees. It is recognized that neighborhoods with a large Ash proportion will be impacted greatly.

Replant - The City’s plan calls for different tree species to be replanted once an ash tree has been removed.  Staggered removal and replanting of trees, over several years, will result in the least impact on the City’s tree canopy.


The City of Moncton is a partner in the “Green Ribbon Campaign.” Green ribbons will be tied on all City owned ash trees to help raise awareness of the types of tree affected by EAB. Homeowners who have trees on their property should also look for ash trees and at possible solutions to avoid infestation.

Green Ribbon Campaign