Team Notification Form


Instructions for nominating

To nominate a team please fill out the form and include details of team accomplishments.  This can include pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. A team is defined as playing and non-playing members. While members do not need to reside in Moncton, they must have:

  • Competed in a physical sport or athletic competition recognized by Sport New Brunswick’s list of provincial sports or by the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame
  • Significantly contributed to their sport over an extended period of time
  • Been considered outstanding in their team effort within their sport
  • Five years of elapsed time since the team competed, unless waived by the Board of Directors


  • Two (2) letters of recommendation to support your nomination.
  • Material and photographs in support of the nomination - please ensure photos submitted are high resolution quality.
  • List of team members, mailing addresses and email addresses. Please see the Team Personnel section for more information. 
  • All documents must be submitted to be considered for nomination.


An eligible sport for the purpose of induction must fit into one or more of the following three criteria areas:

  1. It is physical, competitive and adheres to the standard rules of sport.
  2. It is, or has been, recognized on Sport New Brunswick’s list of provincial sports.
  3. A sport in which candidates qualify for induction into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame.


The team consists of playing and non-playing personnel as described by the governing body of that sport.

A team is eligible for nomination when five years has elapsed since it last competed together as a roster. This waiting period may be waived in certain circumstances as determined by the Board of Directors.

Team nominations shall be considered on the merits of each team and not solely on the individual athletes. Teams to be considered for admission must have been outstanding in their field of endeavour and/or have achieved better than average proficiency in their sport. The purpose is to honour and perpetuate the names and deeds of those teams whose athletic endeavours brought distinction and honour to the community and to themselves and made a significant contribution to the development and advancement of high performance athletic competition in the Greater Moncton area.

Nomination Form


Full mailing address



Full mailing address


Nominations are accepted year round, however, those submitted prior to June 15 will be considered in that given year. All other submissions will be considered the following year.

Relevant photos and materials are to be delivered, or mailed to:

City of Moncton
Att: Parks and Leisure Services
655 Main Street
Moncton, NB
E1C 1E8