Water Meter Replacement Program - FAQ

Why does the City of Moncton need to change my meter and meter transmitting unit (MTU)?

In 2005, as part of its meter reading system, the City installed a technologically advanced wireless Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) in each of its 18,000 metered customers.  The MTUs are battery powered with a projected service life of 20 years.  Unfortunately this means that with no intervention, all units would potentially stop transmitting water consumption data in about the year 2025.  Rather than wait until the meter reading system is close to the end of its life before addressing the replacement issue, the City has elected to utilize City staff on an ongoing basis to change out meters and MTUs, ultimately saving rate payers money, while providing a higher level of customer service.

In conjunction with the MTU change out, the City will also be changing out older type mechanical water meters to lower-cost, quieter, no-maintenance meters. With the anticipated 20-year service life of the MTU, it is anticipated that the City should not have to re-enter your property for another 20 years.

Are there any costs to me as a resident to have my meter and MTU changed out?

There are no costs to property owners to have meters and MTUs changed out. This project is entirely funded by the City.

Am I obligated to have my meter and MTU changed?

Yes, since the present meter system has a fixed service life, it is necessary to have your water meter and MTU changed. To complete the project as efficiently and economically as possible, the City will be replacing approximately 1,800 meters/MTUs per year.

How long will an appointment take?

If there are no unforeseen complications, the meter and MTU should be changed out in approximately one hour.

Will I have water during my appointment?

No, you will not have water available. Water is required to be shut off to complete the installation.

Will the City’s water/sewer rates be impacted by this project?

No, the project is being funded out of a reserve account that has been in place. A percentage of the water and sewer bills fund the reserve.

Why did my neighbor receive a door-knocker while I did not?

If you haven’t received a door knocker/pamphlet it means that your water meter/MTU has been replaced in the last ten years and does not need to be replaced at this time.

Will the MTU have any impact on my telephone line?

No, the City’s Meter Transmitting Units use wireless technology and, therefore, does NOT require the use of telephone lines to communicate.

What are the advantages to having a meter technician come to my home?

Leaks in the form of faulty plumbing in taps and toilets can be costly to water consumers. The City’s technicians, as part of the meter/MTU installation, will explain to each property owner how to utilize their meter to determine if they have an internal leak in their plumbing system.  The technicians will also ensure that each owner knows where the internal water shut off valve is located in their basement, something that every owner should know in case of an emergency. 

I am a tenant, should I contact my landlord or will the City contact him/her directly?

If you are a tenant and have received a door-knocker, please contact your landlord to advise him/her of the meter/MTU upgrade. Either the tenant or the landlord may schedule the appointment.

Why am I being metered while other municipalities do not meter residential consumption?

In 1995, the City of Moncton began to meter all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings/properties. The City believes that metering customers based on user pay principles is the fairest way to bill its customers. Customers pay for water based on their specific usage and not a bulk consumption rate, which would most often be higher than their individually metered consumption.