Manju Varma

Dr. Manju Varma is an educator, an advocate, and a change-maker. She is a sought-after resource on provincial and national committees, where her expertise on equity, diversity, and anti-racism has helped shape social policy and action.

Varma has worked internationally, but also locally at a grassroots level and has been an advocate and ally for people of all cultures and from many different minority groups in the community. Her commitment to improve conditions for all citizens has led to her being involved with initiatives that impact the most vulnerable.

Most recently she served as New Brunswick’s Commissioner on Systemic Racism, the first such position in Canada. Her final report drew upon the voices of more than 200 participants and outlined recommendations to combat systemic racism that will serve as a blueprint for creating a more equitable province.

While the work to which she has devoted her life is difficult and sometimes discouraging, Varma has not lost her enthusiasm for it nor the belief that change is possible. She has focused on gathering information that is not only useful to government departments, agencies, groups, and individuals, but which can serve as a catalyst for change within systems and structures. She is passionate about people, about change, and about her community.

Varma’s contributions to equity are wide-ranging. Her work has helped bring about systemic change; advanced the social, cultural, and economic well-being of our city and our province; and has created a more inclusive and diverse community for all residents.