Renovating your home? Starting a business? New family pet? Find out about the City of Moncton by-laws that may impact you.

City of Moncton Building Code By-Laws Enforcement

Building Code By‑Laws

These by-laws help guide builders undertaking renovations as well as home and commercial construction.

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Commercial By-Law

Businesses and commercial properties are subject to specific by-laws and permits.

City of Moncton Residential By-Laws Enforcement

Residential By-Laws

Homeowners and renters must abide by residential by-laws that ensure community and safety standards are met.

City of Moncton Parking By-Laws Enforcement, Bore Park

Parking By-Laws

Find out where and when you can park on city streets and lots.


Animal Control By‑Laws

Learn about the by-laws related to pet licensing as well as health and safety regulations.